Monday, January 7, 2013

Hello my good people.

It is my hope that you all have had a great holiday. I did travel with my family to Njombe, (South Tanzania), the weather was fantastic and honestly I did enjoy more than I expected. Well, now that the holiday is up- we are back to business and I promise I will be writing more often.

Today is my first day at work and I have started planning for another Dare to Dream event in March 08th and 9th 2013. Lord help me so we plan better and bigger event, of course I am praying that more sponsors come forward and help us to charge less than the last time or perhaps not to charge at all, depend on the sponsors.

I just want to share with you, that Dare to Dream foundation is now full registered. We are looking forward to do many events and visit more regions.

Please send me an email-, incase you want to know more about the event in March.
Naomi Kasper- working for USAID

Dana Banks- Public Affairs office- US Embassy-Tanzania

Emelda giving a gift hamper to Lydia Mwamanga ( her mother)

Session about Women & Agriculture- Mrs Rosebud Kurwijila.

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