Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy holidays

Happy Holidays!

The past few years, I felt like Christmas came and went in a hot second.

I was always so darn busy that I never really experienced the holidays.

So this year, I decided to make a conscious change.

Work appointments are nearly done. I’m planning a trip, down South of TZ with my family. I know it is going to be a fantastic trip, stopping by the Mikumi national Parks. It is the first trip with my hubby and daughter going to see where my roots are from.

As I'm writing you, I’m listening to classic Christmas tunes from Pandora, white lights twinkle around my desk and my home is filled with the woodsy scent of Siberian Fir needles from my favorite cozy candle, Frasier Fir.

I gotta tell you, small changes can make a big difference in how deeply you experience the holidays, and your life.

Now let's dive into another simultaneously exciting and frightening prospect...

I wish you all a merry xmas and happy New year with love!!!!!

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