Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The email that touched me.

I am sooooooo very touched and I am humbled by the email that I just received. Imagine I feel like I can fly and reach to the stars.  To God be the Glory!!!
My friend! God bless you for sending me a beautiful email, that not only encourage me to continue doing what I do but also reminds me to thank God for enabling me to make a difference.
God bless you all.


You are indeed an expression of what a woman is meant to be! Reading your appearance and your mind is so inspiring and influencing. your expression has given value even to your name to be like a peculiar and precious flower kind found in very rare gardens. no wonder you may see your name is having a kind of exclamation mark at it revealing how wonderful is your entire package! Having gone through three bang magazines, and going through your blog I saw the outworking of the spirit of excellence in you.

One of the greatest trait in you is not only the way you believe in yourself but the way you see in all others that everything  to give them chargeship of their lives is within their reach, that moves me miles! and that is all I believe a woman was created to be! influence to the entire creation and make the world admirable place to be! never had I come accross you but your influence is so far reaching!

All has been my feedback to your influence in my world.

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