Monday, January 16, 2012

The Time of your Life.

Shortly after I celebrated the year 2012. I booked myself into a health spa for some me time. I needed to work out how to cope with the realisation that there's hardly no time left to take mylife from 'great at 33' to ' perfect at 34'. How was I going to bridge the gap between reality and what, in my twenties, I'd hoped my circumstances would be by my mid thirties?
Don't get me wrong. I love my life. I am fortunate to have a wonderful 8 month daughter who sings like a star. We love dancing and I enjoy when she giggle. I laugh at her laughing at me. She is so loving and makes my every day worth while.
I count myself lucky that I am able to suport women empowerment through 'dare to dream program' which is a mentorship program launched in 2008 and also through a publication that I found, called 'Bang!'- It actually stands for ' Believe And Never Give-up! ' It is my motto,
But I can't escape the feeling that I need to do more. Reach out to more women, help empower more girls, publish more copies or launch more magazines etc, etc.

I am not alone, too often I meet women in this age group who are underwhelmed by their lives, which I think is largely due to the weight of the expectations we've lugged along from our freewheeling twenties. Back then our overly ambitious to-do lists read something like this: Achieve career success by 30th; Find partner by 32; have atleast one healthy child by 34; be financially secure by 36; make a meaningful contribution to the world while enjoying family bliss......

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